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UK To Asia has offices and staff in the UK and Hong Kong. Our staff at these offices are involved in all aspects of the export of British goods from the UK and import of British goods to Hong Kong and through Hong Kong to the Chinese market.
Our staff in Hong Kong maintain relationships with local distributors to ensure that products can continue to reach the widest possible number of consumers. With strong links to UK manufacturers, UK To Asia’s particular expertise is in the sourcing and delivery of goods such as beverages, foodstuffs and personal care items.
The UK To Asia staff can give Hong Kong based distributors the peace-of-mind that they have a local representative to ensure the reliability and quality of their supply.

For British manufacturers

  • UK To Asia provide a route to market for British goods to Hong Kong and through Hong Kong to China
  • The staff at our UK office can deal with arranging all aspects of export and logistics to these Asian markets. This takes away the need for in-house specialist knowledge of business in this part of the world
  • By maintaining an on-the-ground relationship with local distributors our Hong Kong staff can ensure that a sustained and growing demand for products can be achieved
  • UK To Asia has close relationships with prominent suppliers and distributors in Hong Kong and use their expertise and knowledge of trading in Hong Kong to ensure that products can be made available to the widest possible audience

For Hong Kong and Chinese based distributors

  • UK To Asia provide access to British goods that are manufactured to the highest standards under UK law and regulations.
  • UK To Asia offer agreements to give the peace-of-mind to reliably source products for your organisation
  • Our Hong Kong staff are available to liaise with you, understand your requirements and to provide a top level of service that meets your needs
  • Our UK staff are your representatives on-the-ground and ensure that suppliers can reliably deliver the quality and service you expect

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